Dec 26, 2019

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고강도 강재를 사용한 앵글매입형 합성기둥의 축방향 압축거동 / Axial Compression Behavior of Concrete-Encased Steel Angle Columns Using High-Strength Steel [한국강구조학회/Journal of Korean Society of Steel Construction] (2019.12)


  • 저자: 엄태성, 김진원, 양종민
  • Abstract: In this study, the compression behavior of encased composite columns with high-strength angle was experimentally investigated. Cold-formed angles of a yield strength 718 MPa were used as the longitudinal reinforcement of the composite columns. The axial compression tests of six column specimens with different reinforcement details were performed. Test results showed that the failure mode of the columns was local buckling of the angles and crushing failure of the confined concrete. The column performance such as the peak strength and post-peak strength degradation, were significantly affected by the classification of angle sections and details of lateral confinement. The test strengths were compared with the theoretical strengths computed in accordance with KBC 2016 and AISC 36016. In addition, effects of the composite action of high strength angles and normal strength concrete on the strength and ductility of the columns were investigated through nonlinear section analysis.