Aug 8, 2022

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SD600 철근 및 직사각형 나선후프를 사용한 외부접합부의 내진실험[한국콘크리트학회 논문집](2022.06)

SD600 철근 및 직사각형 나선후프를 사용한 외부접합부의 내진실험

  • 저자: 엄태성, 멀무히유발트, 임종진
  • Abstract: In this study, the seismic performance of exterior beam-to-column connections with SD600 beam reinforcements was investigated. Six specimens designed to exhibit beam yield mechanism were tested under cyclic loading. Rectangular spirals were used for shear reinforcement at the beam-column joint where the SD600 beam reinforcements were anchored by 90º standard hooks. Concrete strengths (32.2 and 52.2 MPa), reinforcement yield strengths (442 and 662 MPa), the use of steel fiber concrete were considered as test variables. The tests showed that although the development lengths of SD600 steel bars specified in design codes were not satisfied at the joint with the limited depth, bond slip and anchorage failure did not occur in most specimens. The deformation capacities were larger than 5% in drift ratio, but in three specimens out of five specimens SD600 steel bars used for beam reinforcements eventually ruptured due to the deficient post-yield hardening behavior. The bond and shear behavior at the joint was improved by the use of higher compressive strength concrete and steel fiber concrete.