Feb 22, 2022

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Behavior of End Plate Connection for Steel Angles [Engineering Structures] (2022.02.01)


  • 저자: 엄태성, 조승리, 임종진
  • Abstract: This study investigated the behavior of bolted end plate connection for structural angle sections. For the splice of angles under tensile loading, thick end plates attached to the end of angles are connected by one single high-tension bolt. To improve connection performance and reduce required plate thickness, plate washers made of the same material as that of the end plates are used under the bolt head and nut. Tensile tests of twenty-two specimens with different connection details were conducted. The tests showed that the governing failure mode was bolt rupture and the connection performance was affected by the thickness of the plates. The minimum thickness of end plate and plate washer determined by the yield line theory was conservative. Due to prying action, the connection strength (i.e., the tensile load of angles) was reduced to about 85% of the tensile strength of high-tension bolt. The force transfer behavior of the end plate connection with and without plate washer was investigated in detail through finite element analysis.