Apr 7, 2021

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Flexural tests of concrete-encased composite girders with high-strength steel angle [Journal of Constructional Steel Research] (2021.03)

  • 저자 : 임종진, 엄태성, 김진용, 김진원
  • Abstract : This study investigated the flexural behavior of concrete-encased steel angle girders (PSRC girders). Inside the concrete section, high-strength steel angles (Fy = 605 MPa) with unequal legs were used as longitudinal reinforcement, and diagonal and vertical members were bolt-connected to the longitudinal angles as transverse ties. Flexural tests were performed for three PSRC girder specimens with different reinforcement details. The tests showed that the PSRC girders all developed the peak loads exceeding the nominal strengths; however, the ductility was limited as rupture occurred near bolt holes in the longitudinal angles. Overall, the concrete damage and cracking of the PSRC girders were comparable to those in conventional reinforced concrete beams, and cover spalling and bond deterioration along the longitudinal angles were not severe. The strength, stiffness, and ductility estimated in accordance with current design codes were compared with the test results. Given the investigation results, the application and design considerations of PSRC girders were discussed.