Dec 30, 2020

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얇은 절곡단면을 사용한 콘크리트 충전형 합성부재를 위한 관통볼트 단부강판모멘트접합부의 거동 / Behavior of End Plate Moment Connection with Through Bolts for Concrete Filled Composite Members with Thin-Walled Sections [한국강구조학회/Journal of Korean Society of Steel Construction] (2020.12)


  • 저자: 엄태성, 임종진, 이정민
  • Abstract: This study investigated the behavior of a bolted end plate moment connection for the beam-column joint of filled composite members. To increase the moment resistance at the joint with bolt arrangement limited, U-shaped end plate and high-strength through bolts were used for the connection. Cyclic loading tests of three exterior beam-column connections were performed to investigate the behavior of the proposed end plate connection. Bolt arrangement and the use of the panel zone stiffener were considered as the test parameters. The tests showed that the U-end plate moment connection secured a robust moment transfer at the joint, without significant deformations of the end plate and through bolts. However, the ductility was limited due to the premature rupture at the welded joint to the end plate and low-cycle fatigue failure of thin-walled plates in the beam (i.e. inelastic local buckling and subsequent rupture). The effective stiffness of the specimens were reduced by the slip of through bolts, whereas the panel zone stiffener alleviated stiffness reduction. Based on the test results, design and detailing recommendations of the end plate connection for filled composite members with thin-walled sections were suggested.