Jun 26, 2020

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Concentric axial load test for composite columns using bolt-connected steel angles [Engineering Structures] (2020.04)


  • 저자: 김현진, 황현종, 박홍근, 김동관
  • Abstract: For economical and fast construction, a prefabricated composite (PSRC) column that uses steel angles has been developed. In the existing PSRC columns, transverse bars are welded to the steel angles in a factory. In the present study, to further improve the constructability, transverse steel plates are used, and the plates are bolted to the steel angles. In addition, steel forms (for concrete casting) can be integrated with the steel angles, which significantly reduces the construction time. As a fundamental structural test, concentric axial loading was applied to the proposed PSRC columns, to verify their axial load-carrying capacity. The test results showed that the axial load-carrying capacity of the PSRC columns was comparable with that of the conventional concrete-encased steel (CES) columns. Z-section plates for transverse reinforcement provided good lateral confinement to the cover concrete as well as the core concrete. In contrast, the PSRC columns with transverse flat plates were vulnerable to bond failure of the cover concrete, which degraded their load-carrying capacity. The strengths of the test specimens were predicted by the current design method and nonlinear numerical analysis. The predictions agreed with the test results.