Feb 17, 2020

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Numerical Investigation on Load-carrying Capacity of High-strength Concrete-encased Steel Angle Columns [International Journal of Concrete Structures and Materials] (2018.01)


  • 저자: 김창수, 황현종
  • Abstract: To investigate the load-carrying capacity of high-strength concrete-encased steel angle (CES-A) columns, in which corner steel angles are encased in concrete and transmit column loads directly, a numerical study was performed by using a proposed analysis model. The proposed model considered the strain compatibility, confinement effect, local buckling, and premature cover-spalling, and was verified against previous experimental study results. To investigate the effect of design parameters, a parametric study was conducted, and based on the parametric study results, a simple approach was also discussed to predict the residual strength (2nd peak load) after spalling of concrete cover at corners (1st peak load). The numerical investigations showed that when steel contribution and confinement efficiency are high, CES-A columns exhibit relatively large load-carrying capacity even after cover-spalling, due to the maintained strength of confined concrete and yielding of steel angles, and the proposed simple approach gave a good prediction for the residual strength.