Nov 7, 2019

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콘크리트 충전 팔각 강관합성기둥의 압축강도평가 / Evaluation of Compression Strengths of Octagonal Concrete-Filled Tube Columns [한국강구조학회/Journal of Korean Society of Steel Construction] (2019.10)

KSSC_콘크리트 충전 팔각 강관합성기둥의 압축강도 평가


  • 저자: 임종진, 엄태성
  • Abstract: In this study, the axial compression behavior of concrete-filled octagonal tube columns (OCFT columns) was experimentally investigated. Eight OCFT column specimens designed as the slender and noncompact sections using thin-walled tubes were prepared for the compression test. The wall thickness, fabrication detail, and section shape of the thin-walled tubes were considered as the test parameters. The test results showed that the buckling mode of the tubes and the compressive strength of the columns were affected by the test parameters. By using the thick tube wall and section geometry close to a circle, the local buckling of the tube wall was delayed and thus the column strengths were increased. The theoretical strengths of the OCFT columns computed in accordance with the provisions for filled composite columns specified in KBC 2016 and AISC 360-16 were compared with the test strengths.