Nov 7, 2019

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콘크리트 충전 박판강관기둥을 위한 볼트이음에 대한 실험연구 / Experimental Investigation of Bolted Splice for Concrete-Filled Thin-Walled Tube Columns [한국강구조학회/Journal of Korean Society of Steel Construction] (2019.08)

KSSC_콘크리트 충전 박팡강관기둥을 위한 볼트이음에 대한 실험연구


  • 저자: 임종진, 이창남, 엄태성
  • Abstract: In
    this study, the results of the experimental investigation of the bolted splice for concrete-filled thin-walled tube columns are presented. For the connection of the column tube, the bolted lap plate joint was used at each tube wall and non-planar ribbed plates were used as the lap plate at the joint in order to improve the connection performance such as strength and slip resistance. To investigate the connection strength and failure mode, five full scale column specimens with different lap joint details were tested. The tests showed that the ribbed lap plates were beneficial to increasing the strength and slip resistance of the joint as the ribbed portion provided additional resistance. The failure modes of the joint were net section fracture and block shear rupture of the lap plate or tube wall. The force transfer mechanism at the joint via the bolts and ribbed lap plates was also investigated based on strain measurements. Finally, a plastic stress distribution method to estimate the connection strength of the column splice was proposed.