Nov 7, 2019

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지관과 주관의 폭이 동일한 각형강관 X형 접합부의 압축강도에 대한 해석적 연구 / Analytical Study of Compressive Strength of Equal-Width RHS X-Joint [한국강구조학회/Journal of Korean Society of Steel Construction] (2019.08)

KSSC_지관과 주관의 폭이 동일한 각형강관 X형 접합부의 압축강도에 대한 해석적 연구


  • 저자: 김정현, 이철호, 한규홍, 김선후
  • Abstract: The equal-width RHS (rectangular hollow section) X-joint, of which the widths of the chord and the brace are identical, is one of the most frequently used uniplanar tubular joints. However, the compressive strength of this joint has been specified very conservatively by most representative international design standards. In this study, a more accurate strength formula of equal-width RHS X-joint is proposed by extending the plate buckling model recently proposed by Becque and Cheng. From the eigenvalue analysis results of the test-backed numerical joint models, the more appropriate shape function for chord sidewall buckling is first obtained. The elastic buckling strength and the non-dimensional slenderness of the chord sidewall are then derived based on the classical energy method. It is finally shown that, when the newly proposed non-dimensional sidewall slenderness is used in combination with the column curve ‘c’ of EC3, it gives more accurate and consistent prediction on joint strength compared to existing method.