Nov 7, 2019

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수직 오정렬된 기둥을 위한 대형구멍 단부강판이음 / Oversized Hole End-Plate Splice for Columns with Vertical Misalignment [한국강구조학회/Journal of Korean Society of Steel Construction] (2019.06)

ISSN 2287-4054


  • 저자:  임종진, 이승환, 엄태성
  • Abstract: In this study, the results of experimental and analytical investigations on an oversized hole end-plate splice for columns with vertical misalignment are presented. Three column specimens with or without vertical misalignment at the splice zone were tested under lateral cyclic loading. The details of the oversized hole end-plate splice, such as the thickness of the end plate and size and arrangement of high-tension bolts, were designed based on the ‘thick plate design’ philosophy specified in AISC Design Guide 4. The test results show that, despite vertical misalignment equivalent to 2% of the section height, the oversized hole end-plate splice exhibited a good performance without any detrimental effects, such as excessive connection deformations and prying forces. Finite element modeling of the oversized hole end-plate splice was proposed, and the results of the analysis such as the overall load-displacement relationship and bolt strains were compared with the test results. In addition, the force transfer mechanism at the splice connection through the end plates and bolts were investigated in detail.