Aug 27, 2018

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매입형 합성기둥에 사용된 앵글 단부강판접합부의 거동 및 성능평가 / Behavior and Performance Evaluation of Bolted End-Plate Splice of Angles Used in Encased Composite Columns [한국강구조학회 / Korean Society of Steel Construction] (2018.08)

2018-08-27 10;12;57



– 저자 : 엄태성, 양종민, 김대경, 이승환

In this study, a bolted end plate splice method of steel angles for concrete-encased composite columns is proposed. For the splice, thick end plates are welded at the end of spliced angles, and are snug-tightened face-to-face with one or three high-strength bolts. Since the geometrical centers of angle and bolt sections do not coincide, the prying force caused by deformation of the end plate needs to be addressed in the splice design. Thus, a minimum thickness of the end plate is proposed based on the yield line theory, and the connection strength addressing the prying force is suggested. The performance of the bolted end plate splice of angles are investigated through direct tension tests of angle splices and flexural tests of encased composite columns with angle splices. The tests show that the bolted end plate splice of angle is susceptible to slip and rupture in the threaded portion of the bolts, due to the deformation of the connection and the prying action. The proposed minimum end plate thickness and connection strengths correlate reasonably with the test results.