Dec 12, 2014

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SRC 기둥 – TSC 보 접합부의 거동에 관한 연구 / Study on the Structural Behavior of TSC Beam-to-SRC Column Connection [대한건축학회 / Architectural Institute of Korea] (2006.06)

10.SRC기둥-TSC보 접합부의 거동에 관한 연구



– 저자 : 김성배, 함정태, 이창남, 김상섭

In this study, experiment is cycle loading about TSC beam with slab reinforced influence to capacity of connection behavior. Purpose of this experiment is that TSC beam-to-SRC column connection is satisfied to ‘Seismic Provision for Structural Steel Building’ in AISC and SAC. The results can be shown as follows; The major causes to fail of specimens are local buckling and cracks on the top slab concrete due to negative bending moment. However, concrete filled with U-type steel plate can be resisted local buckling by sharing compression force due to negative bending moment. And the detail of composite beam-to-column connection can achieve the SMF(special moment frame) completement with ‘Seismic Provision for Structural Steel Building’.