Dec 12, 2014

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시공성 향상을 위한 신형상 전단연결재의 개발 및 연구 / Study and Development New-Shape Shear Connector for Improving Construction [한국강구조학회 / Korean Society of Steel Construction] (2011.06)

24.시공성 향상을 위한 신형상 전단연결재의 개발 및 연구


– 저자 : 박준용, 박동수, 부윤섭, 김성배, 김상섭

Common deck plates have longitudinal reinforcement located at a right angle to steel beam stretcher, install shear connector after setting up vertical bar on beam flange. Because of this characteristic, If shear connector have function of vertical bar, Construction will be improved. In this study, we did push-out experiment to compare three of new-shapes shear connector(rebar continued) to shear capacity of stud connector used by established shear connector.