Dec 12, 2014

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TSC 합성구조 바닥판의 진동에 대한 사용성 평가 / Evaluation of Serviceability for Floor Vibration Using TSC Composite System [대한건축학회 / Architectural Institute of Korea] (2003.10)

6.TSC 합성구조 바닥판의 진동에 대한 사용성 평가


– 저자 : 김도훈, 서동기, 김성배, 김상모, 이창남

Recently, Building floors are being larger and longer. This is contributed from the development of new design methods and high strength and light weight materials. However, as such longer span floor systems may provide less
damping, and have longer period. Therefore, the vibration problem of buildings has become more important In this research, floor vibration, natural frequency and damping ratio using TSC(T-type Steel Composite beam)
composite system were measured by experiments and foreign criteria for serviceability evaluations were applied with responses obtained by walking and heel drop loads. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the serviceability for floor vibration according to the peak acceleration and natural frequency in TSC composite slabs.