Dec 12, 2014

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T형 합성보의 Shear Connector 형태에 따른 전단내력 평가 / Shear Strength of Shear Connector Type for T-type Steel Composite Beam [대한건축학회 / Architectural Institute of Korea] (2003.10)

5.T형 합성보의 Shear Connector 형태에 따름 전단내력 평가


– 저자 : 이상업, 표현석, 김도훈, 이창남, 김상섭

Stud connector has been used by shear connector of composite beam. Shear connector is important element to heighten composition rate of composite beam. This study based on the experiments of 15 specimens by Push-Out Test. In this paper, we analyze shear connector of other form instead of stud connector through an experimental study and wish to present application possibility to T • type Steel Composite beam