Dec 12, 2014

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대구경 볼트와 와이어텐션을 이용한 슬래브 보강공법에 관한 실험적 연구 / An Experimental Study of Reinforced Concrete Slab Strengthened with Large Diameter bolts and Wire Tensioning [대한건축학회 / Architectural Institute of Korea] (2003.04)

3.대구경 볼트와 와이어텐션을 이용한 슬래브 보강공법에 관한 실험적 연구


– 저자 : 서동기, 노현섭, 김상모, 이창남, 김상섭

As time goes up, structural capacity of members decreases in reinforced concrete structures. The deterioration of the capacity is mainly due to the poor construction, corrosion of steel bars and the neutralization of concrete due to environmental pollution. etc. This deterioration is unavoidable. thus it is necessary to develop the method for repair and retrofit of structures in order to ensure structural safety of members The purpose of this paper is to investigate the load-def!ection. ultimate strength, failure mode, and energy absorption capacity of reinforced concrete slabs subject to load experimentally for several variables and grasp the problem of concrete slabs strengthened with large diameter bolts and wire tensioning. And propose foundational research data for strengthening reinforced concrete slabs. The test result shows that the capacity of anchorage is controlled by bearing capacity of concrete under the anchorage or punching shear around the anchorage. And the gap between bolts and core hole must be filled to prevent slip and rotation of anchorage