Dec 11, 2014

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PSRC 합성기둥의 반복가력 실험 / Cyclic Loading Test for Prefabricated Composite Columns Using Steel Angle and Reinforcing Bar [한국강구조학회 / Korean Society of Steel Construction] (2013.12)

36.PSRC 합성기둥의 반복가력 실험



– 저자 : 황현종, 엄태성, 박홍근, 이창남, 김형섭

PSRC composite column is a concrete encased steel angle column. In the PSRC composite column, the steel angles placed at the corner of the cross-section resists bending moment and compression load. In the present study, using the performance criteria in KBC 2009, cyclic lateral loading test was performed for PSRC columns to verify the seismic performance. The test parameters were the column type, the use of continuous hoop, and the use of studs for steel angle. 2/3 scale specimens of a conventional composite column and three PSRC columns were tested. The test results showed that the load-carrying capacity predicted by KBC 2009 correlated well with the test results. The specimens also exhibited good deformation and energy dissipation capacities. After concrete cover spalling under cyclic loading, the load-carrying capacity were decreased by buckling of longitudinal bars and steel angles. When continuous hoop was used, the deformability of the PSRC column was improved, preventing early buckling of the steel angles.