Dec 11, 2014

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TSC 합성보 – PSRC 합성기둥 접합부에 대한 주기하중 실험 / Cyclic Loading Test for TSC Beam – PSRC Column Connections [한국강구조학회 / Korean Society of Steel Construction] (2013.12)

35.TSC 합성보 - PSRC 합성기둥 접합부에 대한 주기하중 실험


– 저자 : 황현종, 엄태성, 박홍근, 이창남, 김형섭

In the present study, details of the TSC beam-to-PSRC column connection for low and middle seismic zones were developed. For ease construction, the top and bottom flanges of the steel section of the TSC beam were discontinuous at the joint face on purpose, while the web passes through the joint. Thus, tensile resistance of the top and bottom flanges is not considered in the calculation of nominal strength of the connection. Cyclic loading tests on two interior connections and an exterior connection were performed to verify the seismic performance. The test parameter for two interior connections was the depth of the TSC beams: 600 and 700 mm including the slab depth. The test results showed that the nominal strength of the connections predicted by KBC 2009 correlated well with the test results. The connection specimens exhibited relatively good deformation and energy dissipation capacities, greater than the requirements for the ordinary and intermediate moment frames. Ultimately, the connection specimens were failed at the story drift ratios of 3.0 to 4.0 % due to local buckling and tensile fracture of the web of the TSC beam passing through the joint. By modifying the existing provisions of ASCE, the joint shear strength of the TSC beam-PSRC column connection was evaluated.