Dec 11, 2014

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콘크리트채움 U형 합성보와 선조립기둥의 내진접합부 성능실험 / Seismic Performance Test of Concrete-filled U-shaped Steel Beam-to-Prefabricated Column Connections [대한건축학회 / Architectural Institute of Korea] (2012.04)

29.콘크리트 채움 U형 합성보와 선조립기둥의 내진접합부 성능실험


– 저자 : 김형섭, 이창남, 이승환, 김법렬

In this paper, the connection details of the prefabricated RC/SRC columns and a concrete-encased U-shaped steel beam is presented, and their seismic resistance performance is evaluated through a full-scale test. One of the life-scale column specimens for the test is a prefabricated RC column built with reinforcing bars, and the other one is a prefabricated SRC column built with L-shaped angle steels and reinforcing bars. Both of the columns are fully fabricated at factory by precise shop welding, so they don’t need on-site bar arrangement and temporary supports. Although there were many other seismic resistance performance evaluation tests with the forenamed columns and beams, but most of the previous tests were mainly arranged to demonstrate the performance of the connections as the special moment frame (SMF). However, in majority of real-world cases special moment frame is generally not common due to high cost and low workability. This paper presents more practical connection details of beam-to-column connections which accord with the intermediate moment frame (IMF) conditions as defined in the Korea Building Code 2009 (KBC2009) and, also, presents the result of the test which proves the aforementioned claim by using the life-scale specimens and finite element analysis.